The School of Economics

Is a private noncommercial organization, founded in 1990 by group of university teachers in Saint-Petersburg. The main activities of SE are as follows:

  • publishing of textbooks, scientific and reference literature in economics;
  • publishing of the School of Economics Journal and of the Analytical Supplement to it;
  • providing higher education programs;
  • retraining of teachers and introduction of new courses for higher education;
  • advanced training of managers and leading business specialists in Russia and CIS countries;
  • research work;
  • economic education in secondary school.

The School of Economics has influenced the following areas in Russia and CIS:

  • teaching of modern economic theory;
  • retraining of teachers;
  • formation of Russian professional economic language;
  • introduction into system of higher economic education of translations of classical books in economics;
  • introduction of new training disciplines and courses.

The School of Economics Institute became a part of St-Petersburg branch of State University “High School of Economics” in 2004.

Activities of the School of Economics during its 17 years of existence were repeatedly supported by: Soros Foundation, European Commission, Ford Foundation, Eurasia Foundation, Know How Foundation, Deutsche Bank, World Bank, USIA, National Training Foundation and other organizations. History

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